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Swimming Pool Opening

Spring is here finally! With so much to do around the house, you find yourself looking in the backyard to that dirty and unopened swimming pool. This is just another thing you really don't want on your "Honey Do" list. This task can take days & a lot of money for someone who really isn't a seasoned professional to clean up the winter mess.

Also if the pool wasn't closed properly, you could run into some major issues during the opening. We look for any problems that may occur due to previous companies poor workmanship or material defects and let you know immediately in writing what to look for, and what it will cost to repair it. 

There is many things to do here & without the proper equipment and knowledge of how a pools filtration system works, you don't want to be second guessing yourself. Espically when it comes to cleaning & storing your winter cover properly, balancing your water chemistry so that it is healthy and safe to swim in, and all your electrical equipment is grounded properly.

Weekly Maintenance 

We keep a logbook of each clients pool with their own personal Water Chemistry booklet that is left in the pool shed to review. During the service call the following is performed:

Vacuum the entire pool

Brush walls & floor, skim the surface to remove floating debris

Clean the scum line, empty the skimmer & pump baskets

Backwash filter & Inspect the Equalizer & Main Drain Covers

Refill automatic cleaners and balance the waters chemistry

Check to see if the heater is functioning safely and efficiently

Inspect Deck Equipment and make notes of needed repairs

Hot tubs and Spill Over Spa are also inspected during the call. Nothing in your backyard is over looked. We treat it as if it was our own property and ensure quality and communication to our client.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers 

Safety pool covers usually come in two varieties: Mesh & Solid. Both types of safety covers are anchored to a deck with straps that pull the cover taut over the pool; the straps attach to stainless steel springs and are anchored to recessed brackets in a deck surface. When the cover is removed, deck brackets that are not already flush with the deck can be screwed down to prevent tripping or toe-stubbing. Because the straps need to be anchored down, mesh covers generally require at least two to three feet of decking all around the pool. There are a variety of deck anchors for all types of decking material including, but not limited to, concrete, patio stone, brick, asphalt, earth, and wood decks. Colours available are Blue, Black, Green, Tan & Grey at no additional cost. Mesh safety pool covers are designed for long-term use, such as when closing a pool for winter. Mesh safety pool covers require very little maintenance because debris that lands on them blows off the top, and rain and snow drain through the mesh panels. Puddles cannot accumulate on the surface, having a mesh-style safety pool cover eliminates the risk of toddlers or pets unexpectedly coming in contact with shallow water.

Equipment Upgrades For Maximum Efficiency

We keep stock of several leading manufactures equipment for ease of sales and service. Upgrading your equipment not only adds value to your pool, it helps to lower your carbon footprint to a minimum on our planet. We install leading technology parts and supplies so that your pool will be clean, healthy and easy to maintain without spending hundreds of dollars each year. Converting your pool to Salt or adding a Chlorinator to your system is only a couple hours work. Ensuring your plumbing has limited restriction on flow rate to maximize your pump and filter systems efficiency. Gas heaters and Heat Exchange Pumps are worth every penny these days especially when you're looking to extend your pool season from April to October. Your neighbors will be jealous as they hear you splashing & enjoying your pool while theirs is closed. 

As you can see in the picture to the right, each line can be disassembled by a "Union" for ease of opening and closing your pool and when repairs are necessary down the road, everything can be disconnected by hand, no cutting required!

New Vinyl Liner Replacement

Looking for a new liner? Well you have come to the right place. We provide a free swimming pool opening or free swimming pool closing to anyone who purchases and New Liner or a New Safety Cover. Both are a skilled trade when it comes to measurement, draining the pool, and installing the materials. Don't just trust your investment with anyone, you need a company with skilled professionals who are prompt, clean, professional & affordable! You can choose from several different pattern and thickness of material to be used. We come to you and explain everything you will need to know before making your decision. We can even help you with any new backyard ideas you would like to explore with regards to landscaping, fences, decks, entertainment areas and more!


We are committed to helping you create environmentally responsible landscapes. The outdoor layout of your dreams must be well structured and respect your tastes, both present and future. Whether the available space is large or somewhat restricted, we rely on various installations to arrange a warm and inviting backyard. A gazebo or awning is a wonderful solution to protect against the sun and insects while enjoying the weather on those warm summer evenings.

On the furniture, garden and patio accessories side, nothing should be left to chance, certainly not your comfort. The dining area should be a priority, notably when it comes to the barbecue, the cooking and dining utensils. Comfortable furniture, cushions and throws not only add elegance, but also allow one to spend pleasant moments outdoors, day or night.

There’s an abundance of decorative items that allow you to personalize your environment and connect it to your space like cachepots, coloured dishes, artificial or natural plants, lanterns... The important thing in developing your backyard is that you feel good.