Pool Inspections

The purchase of a new house is one of the costliest investments during your lifetime. When the house comes with a pool, just like with a home inspection, it is always recommended to have a pool inspection completed. Most home inspection companies do not include the pool as part of the home inspection. If they do, rarely are they equipped with the knowledge or experience to do them thoroughly. Our pool inspections include a full written report about the current condition of the pool, equipment, and accessories. We can advise you of any repairs needed, and the approximate cost to fix/replace or bring items up to code. 

We offer a full diagnosis on all swimming pool inspections. Are you buying a home with a swimming pool and more than just a “visual inspection” which to us is just a waste of time and money, as those inspections are simply “just an opinion”.

Our staff uses the latest technologies and equipment to find leaks, hidden problems, potential equipment failures, code violations, safety hazards and much more. 

Starting at $395.00


  • Scheduled date and time site visit by one of our properly trained staff
  • Complete scanning of interior pool shell and interior to find any leaks
  • Dye testing all faceplates, fittings and lights
  • Pool equipment, inspection for age of equipment, make, model and efficiency
  • Report all non functional equipment or up to code along with approximate cost to make all required repairs
  • Additional recommendations such as safety covers, safety fences, diving boards, slides and waterfall features


If you’re buying a home with a swimming pool you can arrange an inspection directly with us, through your real estate agent or your home inspector. 


We prefer to do your pool inspection the same day and time as your home inspection is being done, while you are on site so that we can also show you our findings and explain in person so you understand our written report.


All inspections are prepaid to schedule your appointment. Minimum of 24 hour advance notice is preferred.