Vinyl Liners

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At premier pool group our swimming pool vinyl liner manufacturer uses only state of the art equipment to ensure a secure wrinkle free custom designed vinyl liner for today’s vast variety of all pool shapes, sizes and depths.

With the largest selection of colours and patterns to suit your backyard oasis. Every vinyl liner is specifically treated to resist bacteria, fungus and ultraviolet rays. All prints have atop coating for protection of premature pattern wear. All materials are fully sanitized and winterized and are 100% virgin material, no recycled materials are used. All inground liners carry a lifetime prorated warranty.

Our team is the most qualified for your installation and services. Throughout the past 20 years , we have built a reputation not only with homeowners, but also with several other pool companies and leading manufactures as their trusted source of technicians authorized to do warranty repairs on behalf of all major pool liner manufacturers.

Blue Antigua

Blue Beach Pebble – Hamlin

Blue Beach Pebble – Raleigh Blue

Blue Beach Pebble

Blue Diffusion – Bayview Blue

Blue Diffusion

Butterfly Effect Blue Aquashimmer

Butterfly Effect Silver Lake Pearl


Carrara Marble

HD Electric – Oxford

HD Electric



Ocean Midnight


Silver Antigua

Turquoise – Island

White Beach Pebble – Raleigh White

White Beach Pebble

White Diffusion – Bayview Slate

White Diffusion



Moonstone – Belize