Leak Detection

One of the guarantees we give our customers is that during the duration of your pool ownership, eventually, you will be faced with a leaking pool. Sometimes it is as simple as a fitting that needs just that quarter turn more and other times it’s something more serious like a break in your underground plumbing. Whatever you may be faced with, it is always best to call a professional that has the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to deal with the problem at hand. We perform all of our own leak detections and the associated repairs. We can determine the locations of the leak(s) by pressure testing plumbing, scanning the shell of the pool, using listening devices such as our waterproof microphone around your pool’s perimeter, and also testing all faceplates, gaskets, beauty strips and lights with dye.

Pressure Test

To pressure test your pools plumbing we plug all return lines and skimmer lines to introduce pressurized air into the system and see if they can hold. If they fail the pressure test, we add a constant flow of air from a regulated source into the lines and as the air escapes through the break, into the saturated soil, it will emit a distinctive bubbling sound that we can pinpoint with our electronic listening device. It is not uncommon, especially in old plumbing, to have more than one break point. So after our techs have repaired the leak they will always repressure test to ensure there are no more breaks before continuing with the job.


We can also scan the interior shell of your pool to determine the location of any tears/holes in the liner, cracks in the shell, leaking lights and also any leaking faceplates or gaskets. Our LeakTrac 2400 emits a small electrical charge into the pool water, then by tracking the flow of electricity of where it escapes, we can pinpoint the precise location of the leak. 


Once we have determined the location & cause of your leak(s), we can give you an estimate & timeframe of when the work can be completed. Whether your plumbing is broken underground and needs to be fixed or your liner requires to be patched by our fully licensed, insured & certified scuba diver, our techs are able to assist with all your leak detection needs.