Pool Opening/Closing

The opening of your swimming pool is just as important as the way your pool closing was completed. To ensure a much easier process, swimming pools that are properly maintained with weekly maintenance, excellent water chemistry and properly running equipment are less expensive to maintain over the long run.

Our pool opening services simply mean less work for you, as we understand you also have just as busy of a schedule with work, kids and family.Your pool opening is being managed by our professional staff aso rest assured if we find any issues , we will inform you immediately and schedule the repairs once you have give us approval on the written quote provided ahead of time. We provide lifetime guarantee on all workmanship with added value of all manufacturers warranty.

Note: We do not install or remove diving boards or slides

Pool Opening Checklist


Safety Cover ($435.00) Tarp Cover ($485.00)
Remove and Store Cover
Rinse Deck of Debris
Clean Scum Lines
Install Ladder/Handrails
Shock Pool Water
Install Pool Fittings
Install Equipment Fittings
Start Up Pool
Vacuum Pool Before May 1st

Additional Swimming Pool Chemicals

Additional Swimming Pool Chemicals will be required to balance your pool water to ensure its lean and safe to swim in. These products below are what might be required if not already stored onsite and readily available while we are there. Our trucks are fully stocked, so no need to panic as we have you fully covered.


Pool Salt 20KG                  $15.99
Alkalinity 4.25KG              $24.99
PH Decreaser 4.5KG        $23.99
Stabilizer 2.5KG                $39.99
Algaecide 60% 946ml      $45.99
Clear Magic 946ml           $26.99
Calcium  8KG.                   $49.99


* Opening Chemicals kit includes 10L Liquid Chlorine or 500g shock, 946 L Stain and Scale

Additional features: minimum charge

Spa $125

Waterfall $45

Deckjets $45

Solar system $45


* repairs not included and will be scheduled at another time and date

* please ensure full access to gates, garages, sheds, pool houses and equipment rooms are accessible. Running water from garden hose, power to equipment and all pet debris cleaned up before our arrival to avoid additional service calls.


Follow up service call includes (before May 1st):


Vacuuming pool to waste if necessary 

Test water chemistry

Deliver pool chemicals

Balance water chemistry


All pools opened before May 1st will include this service at no extra charge. All pool openings after May 1st will be subject to a a $95.00service call for cleaning, which includes up to 1 hour of service. For cleaning that takes longer than 1 hour, each additional hour will be $65. 


Pool Closings


Sadly it’s that time of year again, colder days are around the corner already and as much as you would like to have another pool party, the pool needs to be closed down again. Our professional staff will take care of that for you.


Premier Pool Group offers a specialized pool closing service every fall. This includes draining the pool water down to winterize levels appropriate to your pool, blowing out all the water from your pool equipment and plumbing, adding a winter pool chemical kit, and removing all deck equipment, pool lights and accessories.


We winterize your pool pump, filter water skimmer, pool heater, sanitation system, salt cells and other necessary equipment to protect it from the elements.


Note: We cannot install or remove diving boards and bases from your pools as per our insurance policy agreement. Feel free to contact us for further information regarding this.

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